2.5 Cubic Metre Wooden Storage Box


  • 2.5 Cubic Metres of space
  • 2m wide x 1.2m deep x 1.2m high
  • 88 Cubic Feet of space
  • 6ft 6in wide x 4ft deep x 4ft high
  • Strong and Dry with no condensation problem
  • Equivalent size – Large van
  • This box sits on a double pallet
  • It can open from one end or from the top
  • Pay for the first month in advance by card now to book.
  • Your month starts from your chosen date
  • Subsequent months are paid by direct debit set up when you arrive
  • Options Price - One Off Payment: £0.00
  • Product Price Per Month: £25.00
  • Total: £0.00