About us

Farm Barn with no sides. Barn is full of hay bales. Barn is sat in a woodland durning winter

Plenty of Potential……

We bought the barn and woodland in December 2019 with the idea that the barn would become storage and HQ for Capability Events our party planning company. Then CV19 hit and we went from 100 events a year to none. Something had to change.

Farm barn with no sides in a wood during the spring. A white lorry sits inside the barn

Checking the lorry fits

Proving to ourselves we could get our big event lorry into the barn both under the roof and around all the steel pillars.

Steel framed farm barn with no roof, sides or ends. Just the frame stands over an orange excavator. The barn is in a woodland setting during winter.

Striping off the old roof

Using our local building contractor and his massive digger we ripped off the old leaky cement fibre roof and straightened up the frame of the barn. The old, thin, concrete floor was pulled up and mashed into tiny bits to make the base for the new floor.

Two men in wellington boots stand in a barn as a lorry pours liquid concrete to make a smooth floor. The men rake the concrete into place.

Pouring the concrete

Once the concrete precast walls were secured in place the concrete pour could start. 6 inches with fibre stands providing the reinforcement to stop it cracking under load. We resisted the children’s request to see if the concrete would set around their wellies….

A boy is silhouetted against the open end of a storage barn. He is playing with a toy Ferrari car. A black dog runs after the car.

Super Smooth!

We went for a super smooth finish to the concrete floor to make moving flight cases and forklifts around really easy and of course it was the ideal surface for testing the company Ferrari.

A girl climbs ropes into the roof of a storage barn in front of an open roller shutter door. A Land Rover Discovery is parked in the doorway.

Hanging Around

Molly checking out the strength of the roof beams just after the security door and roller shutter had been fitted.

A large white lorry is backed into a storage barn roller shutter door. A man is unloading the lorry via it's tail lift.

The Lorry Fits!

Unloading the first of the flight cases – and then….. CV19 arrived and everything stopped. So we put our heads together and decided that now we had a super secure barn and storage planning permission we would offer storage and Keep Safe Storage was born.

A small boy stands on top of a large pile of stone in front of a green storage barn. The boy is wearing shorts.

King Of The Castle

Charlie stands on the massive mound of stone that was laid outside the barn to help with the parking.