2 Cubic Metre Wooden Storage Box


  • 2 Cubic Metres of space
  • 1.2m wide x 1m deep x 1.65m high
  • 73 Cubic Feet of space
  • 4ft wide x 3.3 deep x 5.5ft high
  • Strong and Dry with no condensation problem
  • Equivalent size – Small van car
  • This is a tall box where the front drops down for access
  • Pay for the first month in advance by card now to book
  • Your month starts from your chosen date
  • Subsequent months are paid by direct debit set up when you arrive
  • Options Price - One Off Payment: £0.00
  • Product Price Per Month: £20.00
  • Total: £0.00


Our 2 cubic metre pallet box is a taller version of our smallest but very popular 1.2 Cubic Metre pallet box. It’s twice the height allowing you to store twice as much but still allowing this pallet box to be transported on the UK and European Pallet network if needed. You can stack this box up to the top, store it with us and, if you need to, send it off around the world. Built with a new UK pallet as the base and then reinforced with marine ply on the top to make a super strong base. Then plywood sides and top with a panel on the front that comes off to allow access. A shelf can be inserted halfway up the box if needed to allow easy stacking of document crates and boxes. Once the box is full the front is secured and sealed. We then stack the box up on our pallet shelves ready to be retrieved when you need it.